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Provide guidance 
You've come to us for our professional vision and experience. We work hard to bring out the best in your ideas. Our wide range of experience with projects and clients enables us to approach each project individually. The process of understanding your goals, budget and aesthetic preferences is very important to us, they will guide the project. Our goal is to bring a beautiful garden to you. Succeeding at our goal requires a combination of skills. From the outset, we are communicating with you about your house and garden needs and tastes. 
Project Parameters
We collaborate with you and your team to carry out your thoughts. We handle all construction outside of the shell of the house. As Landscape Architects, we are trained to handle all aspects of the built environment. Many opinions may cloud your original thinking. It is our job to give a clear and thoughtful handling of the all exterior components in the environment. We listen to you. We are experienced project coordinators, and represent you at all times during the collaborative process. 
The process
In the first phase, we will give you several design sketches with visuals which will prompt dialogue. The more images we can circulate and discuss the better. Clippings which you have saved are most useful. We will supplement all design concepts with photographic images, sketches, perspectives, elevations and garden tours. We have completed over 200 gardens in Washington, so we have a library of gardens to physically show you as part of the design development process. We will discuss conceptually what areas of the design work for you and how to modify other areas. Your input is terribly important. This first design meeting will allow us to refine thinking and design. We will meet again to finalize the design, and at this stage of Phase 1, you are very much engaged and we can then go on to pricing out the hardscape elements.  
Meeting the craftsmen and women
We work with artisan stonemasons, nurserymen and women and exceptional landscape contractors. They have repeatedly achieved the highest standard of workmanship. We bring 40 years of combined design experience to you. We price out the hardscape and grading first with options on materials and a breakdown and itemized pricing for each item. Throughout the project's stages, you will need to know "what, where, when, why and how." We are available at all times on our cell phones to keep you updated.  
Construction and planting
After we have built the framework of the space with driveway, walls, terraces, pergola, pavillion, outdoor kitchen, built in grill, steps, pool, water feature, shed/studio and pool house, we work on the planting design and plant list. The planting installation is often spread over seasons depending on budget and the amount of layering. You will also have irrigation, outdoor lighting and maintenance contracts to review. We are tweakers and will come by your garden 2x a year at no charge to check on your garden. Please expect a call or email from us during the fall and spring. 
The schedule and budget
To manage budget and timing, we are on site checking progress every day. We outline for you a project schedule with the contract costs which are set prices that you will pay directly to the contractor. We will handle your project for you and oversee that every part of the contract is fullfilled. We bill hourly and require a consultation fee for first meetings. Our project fee can be based upon a lump sum or an hourly approximation that works for you. 
Flexible, nimble, original
Are key words in our design process and business as that is what is needed to cultivate the best ideas and stay within budget.
The end product
We win many national awards each year for our designs.  To do this is an art, a science and a labor of love.
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