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Phillips Park Old World
A range of ochre colored stones create the aesthetic of the entrance courtyard and surrounding low walls. A rose garden is set just off the parking court with many varieties of English and French roses. Soft grays, vertical deciduous trees, and pinks work with the authentic French provencal stucco, timbered lintels above the doors and windows, rough stone quoining and stone chimneys. The welcoming front garden is as hospitable as its owner. Off the back of the house, there are dramatic views to Glover Archbold Park. King Arthur's seat is placed among the sedums and rockery plantings at the end of the pool. Here, paths take one through an herbaceous delight, and comfortable seating stones. The pool terrace doubles as a basketball court while the garden atop the wall is for vegetables and herbs. Rounding out this large garden are a wide range of native trees and shrubs at the perimeter.

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